5 things to know throughout your injury compensation claim

It’s a common misconception that enlisting an injury compensation lawyer means going to court. In fact, injury compensation lawyers are enlisted to do the exact opposite, working to ensure your claim can be settled out of court and without all the emotional frustrations that come with a civil case.

Your lawyer will work to ensure that both parties and the insurer are happy to settle the claim out of court – something which the insurer will also be happy to do as they won’t have to pay the expensive legal fees associated with a trial.

So, what are some of the things injury compensation lawyers can do to make your case go as quickly – and beneficially – as possible?

Let’s take a look below:

1. They can ensure your claim is processed quickly

Claims in the ACT and Queensland aren’t really supposed to go to court. In fact, the entire claims system is designed to avoid such a situation and settle the matter as quickly as possible.

Your injury compensation lawyers will always advise you on the matter and whether any potential settlement is just, but in the end it’s up to you to decide if you would like to proceed to court.

2. Your compensation lawyer can speak to your creditor

Your personal injury lawyer can contact your creditors to discuss your repayment situation. It is often the case that creditors simply need to know about your situation to create a better repayment scheme or potentially suspend payments until you are able to get back to work.

If necessary, your injury compensation lawyer can discuss your situation with the creditors and hopefully a happy medium can be reached.

3. Your lawyer won’t settle without your approval

Whilst your injury compensation lawyer won’t be able to advise on how long it will take to finalise the matter, they most certainly won’t make any big financial decisions without your approval.

Your personal injury lawyer is enlisted to provide you with solid legal advice so that you can make a proper decision on whether you would like to proceed to court or take any offers put on the table – they will never accept an offer without your approval.

4. Your lawyer can advise on your finances throughout a claim

Many clients struggle to meet the financial demands attributed to a personal injury claim, including those like lost wages, medical payments, loan payments etc. However, it’s important to note that there may be insurance claims that may be able to help you with your expenses whilst awaiting settlement.

Furthermore, certain loan repayments such as personal loan repayments, car and mortgage payments can be covered by disability insurance should the incident leave you disabled and unable to work.

5. Loan repayments & disability insurance

You should read into any loan agreements to see if this is applicable to you, and you can also contact your credit provider to find out whether you have any particular disability insurance that can help with such a situation.

If you don’t know about this situation, your lawyer can help determine whether this is applicable to you, but you can also contact your creditors or those you owe a loan repayment to discuss suspending your payments until you are able to return to work.

Going through an injury-causing accident is difficult, and this is why it is good to have injury compensation lawyers in your corner who can help you through the complex legal and financial hurdles that come with such a situation.

Your injury lawyer is there to help you get the best result from the situation without sacrificing too much of your own finances.

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