How Long Does Gum Pain Stay?

Those who have already been through dental problems would already know that there is nothing more painful than tooth pain. Not only that, a very intricate and yet prolonged problem that tends to stay for a long time is gum pain.

Now you might ask what is the reason that gum pain stays for so long and why is it so painful?

There are usually tons of reasons which could be responsible for gum problems and sometimes gum pain is also indicative of a much more serious dental problem.

Not only will we talk about how long gum pain can stay, but we will also talk about some of the basic reasons why it tends to persist for so long and what can you do to alleviate the pain.

What is a Gum Pain Characterised By?

Gum pain is usually a very intricate and sharp pain that tends to occur around the gum margins of your teeth, specifically along the soft muscle type end on which the tooth is affixed.

You will be able to understand that this pain does not originate in the tooth itself but it is usually the gums that have a numbing sensation.

Usually, when you eat something or even drink a slightly cold liquid, this pain will get deeper, and sometimes it might even be too much to take.

There is one question that many people often tend to ask: how will you differentiate between gum pain and not tooth pain?

One of the major indicators of gum pain is that you will notice that your gum has turned red or it is even sore without any poignant reason.

The swelling of the gum is one of the most common indicators that you have a gum-related problem that needs to be addressed at the earliest.

Not only that a toothache is characterized by a pain that is mostly felt if you are eating something and there is a persistent problem with biting the same. The moment you place your teeth on the object, it will start to hurt.

What Are The Major Factors? A Gum Pain?

One of the major reasons why you will have a persistent gum problem is if you have any kind of extra tooth that is suddenly appearing from the perimeter of your mouth.

It often happens that because our jawline is very narrow in nature, it will not have the space to accommodate a new set of teeth.

Hence this causes the tooth to get malaligned and this, in turn, creates the pain. Another very common reason for gum pain is bacterial or infection growth in the interiors of your mouth.

One of the major reasons why this bacterial or infection growth takes place is because of poor dental hygiene. If you are someone who does not take care of your gums very often, use a mouthwash to make sure that all the germs are killed before going to bed, then the chances of bacterial infection go up manifold. The bacteria tend to stay in the mouth for long and this, in turn, causes the infection.

How Long Does The Gum Pain Tend to Stay?

This is a very subjective question to ask because gum pain is something that is different for each and every individual, however, the one thing which has remained stagnant is the pain that it causes.

For some people the gum pain tends to stay for a couple of days if the swelling and the discomfort are mild, however, if that is beyond tolerance, then it will take some time for the pain to subside.

Again if you have a very complex case of tooth growth, then also the pain tends to stay for long. In that case, the best thing to do is go to a dentist.

If you have been facing this problem and looking for a professional dentist Folsom or a great dentist Marietta, then do not hesitate to search online. They have some of the most amazing options for you and if you see that the pain is persistent, don’t hesitate to take immediate advice. You can also use a few home remedies like using clove oil or going for hot water mouthwashes if the pain is not too excruciating in nature.

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