Ready to roll: how to clean your herb grinder

Seasoned smokers will tell you this: to get the most out of a sesh you need clean products. Your bong, vape and grinder should all be clean so that when you go to use each instrument you will get the most out of their functionality.

Not only this, but keeping these instruments clean will reduce the risk of bacteria forming and giving you a smoke-related illness!

In terms of the grinder, however, the main reason to clean it is to allow it to operate at full capacity. If you have a top quality dry herb grinder that’s full of gunk you may still struggle to achieve the best results – this is why it’s important to keep it clean.

Here is how you do it:

Freeze the grinder

Freezing your herb grinder will allow the grinder hash and trichome heads to come off the metal surface. Once the grinder’s aluminium surface freezes, the grinder hash will be far easier to take off the surface.

Pick & brush

With your frozen grinder, an old toothbrush or other soft bristled brush should be able to remove the grinder hash and trichome heads. Use a broken chopstick or toothpick to get into the tight, hard-to-reach areas. It may be a good idea to avoid any metal picks, as these can scratch the grinder, so try to keep to a wooden apparatus!

Bamboo BBQ skewers and toothpicks are awesome for picking out stuck down grinder hash without harming the grinder itself. Toothbrushes are great for getting out the old residue that you don’t want clogging up your grinder, but it’s a good idea to use the chopstick or toothpick to get as much out as possible beforehand so that the toothbrush doesn’t clog up itself!

Bathe your grinder

Regardless of whether you’ve got what you wanted off the grinder – or are bored of the job – it’s time to soak it in isopropyl alcohol. You should always go with 91% isopropyl alcohol as this can easily dissolve the THC without being too powerful.

You start by popping your grinder into a mason jar or closeable container before covering it with the alcohol. This being said, you might want to be careful using a glass jar as this could potentially shatter leaving the alcohol to pour over you.

Gently shake the container so that the alcohol washes off the THC.

Allow your grinder to dry

Now it’s time to dry your grinder. Obviously, you don’t want the alcohol and herb juice remaining on the grinder once you have cleaned it – this would defeat the whole purpose of having cleaned it in the first place!

Instead, you should leave your grinder to dry itself or, if necessary, give it a good wipe down with some paper towel. Once it is dry you can then start grinding again!

It’s that easy!

See, cleaning your herb grinder is really quite easy, especially given that it’s only something that has to be done when your grinder is noticeably filling up with unwanted residue.

Just be sure to remember those important vaping tips like being careful with a glass jar and choosing 91% is opropyl alcohol as this is the best proof for washing away that old, stuck down grinder gunk!

And, of course, once it’s all done you have a clean grinder that’s as good as when you first bought the thing, ready to be used and ground at optimal efficiency!

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