Simple Ways to Protect Your Hearing Health

There are various ways that one can protect their hearing health. Everyday activities, such as exercising, wearing earplugs, or even taking medications as prescribed, can help to prevent hearing loss.

It is estimated that 15% of US residents will experience hearing loss, with the ages 60 to 69 being the most prevalent. There is no better time than right now to think about your hearing health and what you can do to minimize hearing loss.

One of the biggest things you can do for hearing health is to protect your ears from loud noises. If you will be operating machinery, attending a concert, or even a sporting event, it is best to use some protection. Many will wear some sort of protection when they are using loud tools, running a lawn mower, or when using a firearm. Earplugs or even headphones are great ways you can cut down some of the noise.

Remember when you were younger, and your parents would nag at you to turn down your music? They really knew what they were talking about. This goes for the television and your computer as well. If you are using earbuds so others do not hear what you are listening to, you may consider switching over to headphones as they are safer. There is more distance between the headphones and the eardrum than when wearing earbuds.

Stress is a huge aspect of many of our lives. If you can not control your stress, your hearing can be affected. When an individual has chronic stress, it wears a person down, thus putting their health, including the ears, in danger. Learn to manage your stress by talking to a friend, taking a bubble bath or hot shower, getting a massage, cuddling with your cat or dog, reading a book, or even watching a funny movie.  If the stress you experience is due to one thing, you may wish to find a way to remove that stressor altogether.

We all love to have clean ears, but many of us are cleaning out our ears the wrong way. Q-tips or cotton swabs should never be used for this. Instead of collecting wax and debris as we wish, these swabs can actually damage the ears. Many people have punctured the ear drum using them. Should you have ear wax, use a clean damp cloth to cleanse inside the ear. If you have a wax buildup, you may want to ask your doctor to prescribe drops to soften the wax.

Physical activity does wonders for our entire bodies and even plays a role in our hearing health. When we are active, circulation and blood flow assist in carrying oxygen and blood to our ears. Find any exercise that you enjoy, such as swimming, walking, tennis, or dancing. Then plan on participating in the activity several times per week.

And finally, do you know the warning signs of hearing loss? Dizziness, ear ringing, or balance issues all point to hearing loss. If you develop any of these signs, you may wish to speak with your doctor about getting tested for loss of hearing.

If you are in the Clearwater, Fl area and are concerned about your hearing health, give Countryside Hearing Aid Services a call. They can help you understand your hearing loss and fit you for a hearing aid, so you can hear clearly once again.

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