The Impact of Media on Mental Health (and How to Avoid Stress)

Consuming large quantities of news and other media content can have negative impacts on your mental health. Studies have shown that heavy news consumption can lead to anxiety and stress or worsen existing health conditions. People in Clearwater who are looking to take positive steps toward reducing the impact of media on their mental health can try various things to help them achieve this.

What is the impact of too much media on our mental health?

We rarely see good news on our screens, which means that we are consuming negative stories most of the time. Many of the reports in the news may affect us personally, such as changes to local politics or growing concerns about the cost of living. News about things that don’t impact us immediately or directly, such as crises in other countries, can also become a sustained burden on our mental health. Listening to all these negative stories can build up and leave us feeling in a state of constant anxiety and stress.

Whether you’re watching the TV, scrolling through social media, or reading the local newspaper, it’s important to be mindful of the impact that news can have on your mental health. Consuming too much media content can create more anxiety and stress in your life or cause existing mental health conditions, such as depression, to worsen.

How can you avoid anxiety and stress?

You might not want to switch off the news altogether, or you may need to stay abreast of current affairs for your job and other commitments. However, there are plenty of things that you can do to try and ease some of the anxiety and stress you’re feeling. Achieving a healthy balance isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but taking some initial steps in the right direction can help you to feel happier about your level of news consumption.

  • Set yourself a limit: Monitor how much time you spend consuming news stories, and set a limit on how much time you will spend per day watching the news. Instead of reading every story in detail, consider lightly reading through the day’s news and only stopping if something is relevant or catches your attention.
  • Balance the news content: Achieving a balance between good and bad news can be difficult because there is so much more negative news out there. Consider seeking out some positive news websites or subscribing to positive social media channels. This can help you to strike a healthier balance between negative and positive news throughout the day.
  • Take a break: Take one or two days each week where you don’t consume any news at all. If you spend a lot of the day watching the news on the TV, consider switching it off completely or changing the channel during certain hours. Go for a walk, spend a few minutes meditating, or chat with a friend about something different.
  • Take action: If the news is getting you down and you’re feeling depressed, anxious, and worried, consider whether to take some positive action. Maybe there is a local group to get involved in or a protest happening about an issue you care deeply about. Donate to a worthy cause or speak to other people to try and persuade them to take action too.

Tackling anxiety and stress caused by media consumption

People in Clearwater, FL, who are trying to avoid anxiety and stress caused by media consumption can also consider speaking to a qualified professional at TMS Advantage Clearwater. Managing anxiety and stress in a sustainable way often involves deploying a variety of tactics, including external support and self-management strategies.

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