ways to use alpha arbutin for under eyes & dark circles

Eyes are the most alluring part of your face but the appearance of those beautiful eyes can be hindered if they are surrounded by dark circles. In today’s stressful life, almost everyone is facing this unpleasant condition where people often get confused about finding the right solution. Although one search on Google can bring you numerous options, are those really helpful? We guess no, and that is why you are still looking for it! However, this article may finally end your search since it is all about alpha arbutin, an ingredient that is known for its deep effects on the skin!

Dark circles are nothing but just darker areas around the eyes, which can occur due to lack of sleep mostly. Sometimes, it can also occur due to external factors such as tan. For many people, it is temporary. The problem arises for those who are unable to get rid of it. Let’s learn the reasons for the dark circle:

  • A dark circle is the result of prolonged exposure to screens and other electronic devices.
  • Dark circles may occur due to a lack of sleep.
  • It can also occur due to dehydration.
  • For many people, the dark circle occurs due to stress.
  • Environmental factors such as exposure to harmful UV rays can also affect your eyes area.

While there are many home remedies recommended for getting rid of dark circles, only a few of them actually show the result. While natural ingredients such as aloe vera, potato juice, etc. are said to work effectively on dark circles, these may take time and consistency. On the other hand, alpha arbutin is one ingredient that works effectively for dark spots, dark areas around the eyes and other spots. Alpha arbutin is the most preferred ingredient that will help you get rid of dark circles. Here’s how!

Alpha Arbutin for Under Eyes and Dark Circles

Many skin care products promise to brighten the skin by reducing any types of spots, marks and uneven tone appearance. But only a few of them do what they claim. Alpha arbutin is one of them.

If you know the goodness of alpha arbutin, you must be wondering how to get it into your skincare routine. The answer is simple, you cannot use alpha arbutin alone, so finding the best product which can help you with that is important. You can read more about the benefits and instructions for using alpha arbutin.

For the skin, alpha arbutin is only recommended in a 2% concentration or less. Only a few ingredients can be mixed with it since many may result in irritation. However, it makes an amazing remedy for dark spots if provided with niacinamide. You can skin lightening serum having their key ingredients that are niacinamide and alpha arbutin. This combination is the best since alpha arbutin will help you address the issues due to external factors while niacinamide helps with its hydrating properties.

If you use alpha arbutin in the right concentration as mentioned, you can experience an effective and quick result out of it. As of now, you can buy alpha arbutin serum which is curated to combat tan and dark spots that hinder your beautiful appearance. A skin brightening serum can also work profoundly for the dark areas around the eyes. Plus niacinamide can offer excellent skin brightening and even-tone effects.

However, it is highly recommended to do a patch test before you proceed with regular use. Take a small amount and apply it to the clean area. Check for any possible reaction within 24 hours. If things are fine, you can continue using alpha arbutin serum and other products for dark circles.

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