Wellness Retreats With Magic Mushrooms Are On The Rise!

If you ask the current generation, magic mushrooms will conjure up images of music festivals, warehouse parties, or a few select people at their University. Even so, they insist on discussing the hallucinogenic exploration of mushrooms. However, Psilocybin mushrooms are now gaining popularity as the scientific studies on them increase. An added factor is the sheer amount of people flocking to  mushroom retreats and theirperspective about psychedelic mushrooms changing.

Even though psychedelic retreats have been around for a very long time in South America, they are now popping up in other nations where psilocybin is permitted, such as Psilocybin retreat Mexico. Some of these retreats are also fancy and elaborate, with amazing rustic guesthouses, excellent views, panoramic sceneries, fine dining, and luxury furnishings.

These 21st-century getaways are a hybrid of professional therapy and lavish spa, with psychedelic mushrooms serving as the tuning fork allowing people to reach a higher state of being. These are places where people go to have a mind-altering journeyrather than a shady warehouse party experience.

The Cause Behind The Emergence Of Mushroom Retreats

Most people prefer to have a convenient stay where they are comfortable, enjoy high-quality cuisine, and do not end up covered in mosquito bites. For this reason, instead of opting for the rugged experience that is normally associated with Ayahuasca retreats, people are now wanting a higher end experience. Hence, the rise of mushroom retreats.

The advantage of these retreats is that the seclusion allows participants to focus on  having a positive psychedelic experience. Although, If an individual is not eating or sleeping properly, psilocybin might not be as effective.

Many high and middle-class people who wish to grow spiritually or boost creativity choose to go to these psychedelic retreats. From investment bankers, to doctors, to CEOs, a diverse group of male and professionals has attended psychedelic retreats to explore their inner self and their spirituality.

The growth of mushroom retreats is because people are now seeing that pharmaceutical medication is not offering them long-term solutions. However, plant-based psychedelic retreats help heal people from inside, by reconnecting brain regions that are not interacting with one another. Many psychedelic retreatsplan to provide female-only options later on. They are also planning to accommodate people who need therapy but can’t afford it. Most founders of psychedelic retreats believe that wellness shouldn’t be limited to the wealthy.

A lot of individuals of the current generation believe that spirituality and science are incompatible. However, the research is finally catching up, proving that there is a place where both schools of thought can coexist harmoniously. This research is a developmentof the studies showing that psilocybin was a breakthrough discoveryfor mental health in the 1960s. Over thousands of studies were published in six international conferences were conducted on the medications before 1965.

However, after 1965 studies were halted because of ethical and legal concerns, but now institutes like Imperial College London and John Hopkins are picking up where previous research left off, discovering that psilocybin is extremely effective in treating depression, addiction, and a plethora of mental health illnesses.

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