How Alcohol And Cutting Alcohol Affects Your Skin?

No matter how much you enjoy drinking alcohol, it can be bad for your health, especially when you over-indulge in it. You may find your Margarita Mondays or Thirsty Thursdays fun, but having too many of these shots can cause significant damage to your health. It is precisely the case for your skin.

Many people focus on the adverse effects of alcohol on the liver and other vitals. People tend to forget about the red face alcohol abuse.However, Detox to Rehab pays attention to every change people experience because of alcohol and while they battle to get freedom from alcoholism. Detox to Rehab understands the obstacles and continues to deal with these struggles as they believe in the benefits of overcoming alcohol addiction.

That is why they are here to help people who want to escape the claws of alcoholism. However, Knowledge is always the best weapon to counter an enemy. The same thing goes for alcohol abuse. Everyone knows alcohol is harmful to vital organs like the liver, but in this article, you will learn how alcohol harms your skin.

How Does Alcohol Harm The Skin?

Drinking alcohol can do a lot of harm. It includes –

  • Dehydrating the skin
  • heightens the risk of rosacea
  • Causing inflammation
  • Depriving you of nutrients.

How Does Cutting Out On Alcohol Effect The Skin?

Many things happen when you cut out on alcohol. After the day of cutting out alcohol, your body will have to work overtime to cut out the extra toxins. Even after a day of cutting it out, your skin will remain dehydrated. However, you will see the beginning of improvement in your skin after a week of cutting out on alcohol. You can see significant improvement in your skin after a month of not drinking alcohol. You will regain your overall healthy appearance after a year of cutting out on alcohol.

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