Laser Hair Removal Treatment- Why Men Should Consider

Body hair is absolutely natural and is a sign of transition from childhood to puberty. However, whether one wants to have it or not is a matter of personal choice. Moreover, it is not something concerned with women only. There are many men who want to get rid of body hair too. Most commonly men who are bodybuilders and athletes often undergo the procedure of hair removal. This can also increase the confidence of people with comparatively dense body hair.

However, a hair removal procedure does not always need to be painful and requires a lot of effort and endurance. With the new technological advancement, the time and effort have been reduced massively making it more affordable. Laser hair removal for men is one such popular hair removal procedure in recent times and gets desired results. All one needs is to take that plunge to go for an appointment and actually get the things done.

But, before booking an appointment one should acquire a detailed knowledge of laser hair removal, how it works, and many such aspects and benefits.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

There are multiple ways men can remove hair, be it by it shaving, waxing, or trimming. However, laser hair removal is a widely preferred non-invasive, dermatological procedure where a beam of light is directed to target hair follicles bypassing the epidermis. Consequently, the follicles get destroyed and die, and eventually, hair stops growing. The process does not hurt the skin and disables the reproductive cycle of hair that stops growth.

Laser hair removal for men may take around 30 minutes for the back and chest area and 10-15 minutes for the underarm, and legs area. So, without investing a great deal of time one gets the desired result.

How does the procedure work?

In this process, a specific beam of light hits the pigment of the hair through the root of the follicle which prevents hair growth when the hair is attached to the follicle. This is one of the primary keys of the procedure because when the hair is not attached to the follicles the beam cannot be transferred to it. A single round of the whole procedure leaves 20% of the hair at an anagen state where the cells still divide at the root of the follicle and starts to form a hair bud which eventually breaks out from the skin as a long hair shaft. This is the main reason an individual needs several sessions to get good outcomes. An average of 6-8 sessions brings out more effective results.

Most of the clinics use Diode and Nd: YAG lasers for the darker skins as the pigment of hair is more and makes the process more convenient than blond, grey, or white hair that does not have strong pigments.

Why do Men need Laser Hair Removal Therapy?

There are multiple concerns that arise from thick and dense body hair. Some of these are discussed below to provide a better perspective on the applications and outcomes of laser hair removal treatment.

Hair removal helps athletes to achieve more

Most hair is not aerodynamic. So, for men who are swimmers and athletes, thick hair may cost their victory by a margin of a few seconds. Additionally, it saves a lot of grooming time for an athlete which can be invested in improving skills and achieving better outcomes.

Men who are bodybuilders prefer no hair over their chest, back and other body areas as this helps them to increase their muscle definition.


Some may choose to remove hair to prevent itchiness and irritations around intimate body areas, especially during the summer months. However, it is not always necessary to get rid of body hairs as it provides protection to the intimate parts from bacterial reactions.

Facial grooming

For men who have dense, fast-growing hair, shaving is an everyday thing. Laser hair removal for men here comes to the rescue. This can reduce hair growth considerably and help to get rid of the tedious tasks of shaving every day. However, one can always choose to stop the treatment and it lets one also choose the desired amount of hair.

People with recurrent folliculitis that causes inflammation around hair follicles and white-headed pimples can use laser hair removal procedures as a noninvasive dermatological treatment.

Excess Body hair/ Aesthetics

Though having body hair is not a sign of an unhygienic and unhealthy lifestyle, it rather protects skin from external frictions and various bacterial infections. However, having dense body hair in certain places can even cause extreme low-level confidence in men. Men who are uncomfortable with excessive body hair on the back, neck, and chest undergo several treatments for hair removal. Laser therapy is one of those popular treatments that can also cause hair thinning. Some men prefer hairless chest and neck or thin hair that can help them boost their confidence in physical appearance.

Ingrown hair

Ingrown hair is one of the after-effects of shaving and waxing. This is because while shaving the hair is generally cut in the opposite direction of its growth and disassembles its regrowth. This results in hair growing back in a curled structure that makes it unable to pierce through the skin. Consequently, skin bulging and inflammation occur and may even cause infection. The effect is more severe when ingrown hair leaves scars over the skin and causes eventual darkening of the area.

Laser hair removal for men is the only way to reduce ingrown hair effectively. After two complete sessions of the treatment, the growth of ingrown hair reduces significantly and one can get back the skin in its natural condition.

Safety and Tricks to Consider for the Treatment

  • Shave-before going for the first appointment one must shave the areas the treatment is going to happen. It saves from a lot of pain and endurance tests at the clinic.
  • Stay away from the sun for at least a couple of weeks after treatment.
  • The expert should know about the patient’s ethnicity as it will help them to choose the right laser for the treatment.
  • Avoiding workout post appointments is a big no as it might harm the tender skin.


Laser hair removal for men is more suitable than for women as it does not require much of the grooming process before the treatment. However, one needs to be very careful about his skin and hair pigments and other kinds of infections or previous diseases encountered.

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