Myths about accessing the COVID test home collection

COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is the type of viral infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus that spreads easily and directly to the lungs, causing many serious illnesses. COVID affects many people all over the world, and COVID 19 testing via RTPCR, Rapid Antigen Test, and other methods is used to diagnose the disease. The Government has given the certification for the testing of COVID-19 to certain labs only. These labs have included the feature of home collection to avoid the crowd at the center and allow for easy and seamless testing of COVID 19.

Home collection of samples for testing whether one is affected by COVID or not involves a visit from a medical laboratory technician to the person’s home for sample collection. The samples are then taken to the lab and tested.

Myths about taking the COVID-19 test at home

There are many myths people think before getting COVID test home collection. These myths are because of fear of not getting infected from COVID 19 and many scams are going on related to the reports of COVID 19.

Here are a few myths frequently believed by people:

1.  Risk of infection from lab personnel

You might worry about the risk of infection from lab personnel, but it is safe. The person comes with all the safety measures. Their body temperature is less than 98 Fahrenheit.

2.  Doubt on safety measures taken by lab personnel

They are concerned about our safety because the person who has come to take the sample is well and has taken all the safety measures needed for the testing of COVID-19.

3.  Asymptomatic infection

People are concerned about catching asymptomatic infections from the lab personnel. They believe that their family members are also at risk if a lab technician visits their home.

4.  Test Report Concern

People are afraid of the fabrication of lab test reports. They think there is a long gap between the collection of the sample and reaching the lab, and they also think that the sample is not deteriorating due to the time difference.

5.  Mindset

At the time when a person is tested positive and locked in the house, no more contact is allowed. They cannot go out which builds the fear of testing positive in people. The discrimination by neighbors also leads them to avoid home testing at all.

6.  Fake information on social media

The fake news these days through social media are some of the reasons why people are concerned about the COVID test home collection. The news creates fear and people are getting away from these tests and prefer to go to the lab.

How does COVID test home collection work?

Here are the steps followed for COVID test home collection:

  • You need to register or contact the lab and let them know if you have any symptoms of COVID 19, or if your doctor has prescribed the COVID 19 test.
  • You will get an appointment for that specific date.
  • The lab personnel first contacts you and visits you for COVID test home collection under all the safety measures prescribed by the ICMR.
  • You have to show the proof first because there is a long queue and they are afraid that a serious person cannot be missed, which requires immediate help.
  • The result of the test is provided online for better safety measures.

It is always recommended to take the COVID test at home for avoiding the spread of the infection by coming in contact with other people. The additional benefits involve convenience and time efficiency.

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