Are You Interested To Obtain A Degree In Health Science?

If you are interested to obtain an additional degree in health science then ACS College can offer you their highest level of education in clinical science education, which has been developed particularly for the students of the Health Sciences Department.

You may click here for degree programmes in health sciences by ACS to know further details about this course. The basic aim of this course is to provide students complete education to enable them to participate in both professional and also scientific research fields.

The whole course has been developed by the faculty members of ACS who are having a relevant academic background. Students will be provided with various modern technological tools as well as an effective tutoring system by the ACS College.

If you are an experienced professional having an associate degree then you can take this opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s degree through this course. This bachelor’s degree will prepare you to assume many different roles within clinical as well as non-clinical settings, e.g. medical lab technologist.

Generally, students earn their health sciences degree with the following objectives:

  • To advance their current careers in healthcare to the next level
  • To change their jobs or industries
  • To prepare for professional or graduation programs, e.g.
  1. Chiropractic programs
  2. Healthcare informatics
  3. Physical or occupational therapy
  4. Athletic training
  5. Healthcare administration.

What is health science?

The subject of health science is the various applications of science to our health and also includes the study of nutrition, medicine, and other health-related subjects.

By obtaining a bachelor’s degree particularly in the field of health sciences one can get important healthcare knowledge and abilities while also can develop professional skills in critical thinking, information literacy, problem-solving, leadership, and information management, which are all most sought after by healthcare companies.

What are health sciences job opportunities and career paths

The clinical job with frequent patient interaction to any office work at private firms in all different options available in the health sciences. As the healthcare field is such a very wide sector, health sciences graduates can advance both laterally and vertically as their career interests and ambitions change.

If you have an interest in obtaining a degree in health sciences then you will be eligible to apply for the following positions:

  • Anesthesia technician
  • Audiology technician
  • Biomedical equipment technician
  • Cancer registrar
  • Cardiovascular technician
  • Dental hygienist
  • EKG technologist
  • Medical assistant
  • Medical lab technician
  • Occupational therapy assistant
  • Paramedic
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Physical therapy assistant
  • Radiation therapist
  • Registered health information technician
  • Respiratory therapist
  • Surgical technician
  • Veterinary technician

ACS is now offering the following bachelor degree courses:

  1. BSc.(Hons) Osteopathy

This is a 4-year course in the Osteopathic field. This course has been developed after gaining international experience in this topic.

  1. BSc. (Hons) Physiotherapy

This course in Physiotherapy is also structured in 4 academic years having 240 ECTS.

  1. BSc. (Hons) Psychology

This degree course in Psychology will be done in 3 academic years, having 180 ECTS.

  1. MSc. Sport Physiotherapy

This is a master’s degree in Sports Physiotherapy that aims to offer an in-depth course in more technical subjects related to sports physiotherapy.


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