Top 8 Things That Prevent You From Losing Weight

You have cut your diet to a minimum, signed up for a fitness club, changed your lifestyle, but the scales stubbornly show the same numbers. Why is the process of losing weight not budging? Look for the reason on our list! We will tell you about eight things that prevent you from losing weight.

1. Estimating The Amount Of Food By Serving Size

The most common mistake people make when losing weight is eating more than they think. It is a mistake to estimate the amount of food consumed only by the size of the portion. It seems to you that you are eating lesser and it should help you lose extra pounds.

But in fact, with this approach to nutrition, you can continue to eat fatty foods that are harmful to your figure. Therefore, it is important to monitor not the portion size but the number of calories consumed for successful weight loss. If your calorie intake exceeds the body’s daily requirement, then it is quite understandable why you are not losing weight.

What To Do?

To find out how much you actually eat, keep a food diary. By writing down everything that you eat, you will reveal all the flaws in your diet. In addition, you may find high-calorie foods and unhealthy snacks on the list that will help you keep your weight on track.

2. Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Those who really want to lose weight must quit alcohol; otherwise, all their efforts will go in vain. This is because alcohol provides the body with empty calories, convincing a person to overeat. According to statistics, the obesity rate in the US, especially in Florida, which was initially quite low, is increasing. One of the major reasons is excessive consumption of alcohol.

So if you are really trying hard to lose weight but not ready to give up alcohol addiction, you might not get the results you are longing for. This is because alcohol abuse will nullify all your hard work and hinder weight loss, making you fat.

What To Do?

In such a situation, it is best to get assistance from a trusted professional. Those residing in Florida and dealing with the problem of alcoholism as well as obesity must seek help from rehab centers. They can start by getting information about rehabs in Florida and then choosing the best one that suits their condition.

3. Eating Too Little

It would seem that this point contradicts the very principle of losing weight. But in reality, a grueling diet is the most dangerous and, moreover, not the most effective way to lose weight. An unbalanced diet, which is based on the exclusion of certain food groups, causes nutrient deficiency in the body.

If you follow a strict diet plan, then your body experiences an acute deficiency of essential vitamins and nutrients. This leads to a slowdown in metabolism, deterioration in your health, lack of energy, and a constant feeling of fatigue.

What To Do?

It is best to rely only on proven weight loss methods approved by nutritionists. Don’t overuse meal plans that only allow you to eat a few types of foods. Instead, make a balanced diet that will satisfy the body’s daily need for vitamins and minerals.

4. Refusing To Eat Breakfast

If you decide to skip breakfast to lower your calories, then you are depriving your body of the most important meal of the day. By skipping breakfast, you drain your body of energy and slow down your metabolism.

 Breakfast is especially important for those who run in the morning or are engaged in other fat burning workouts. Without a full breakfast, your body will not be able to train at full strength, which means that excess weight will go away much more slowly.

What To Do?

A full breakfast that will fuel the body for sports and daily activities does not necessarily mean high-calorie foods such as fried eggs or sausage sandwiches. Instead, it can be oatmeal in water with honey and dried fruits.

5. Lack Of Cardio Training

If you started to exercise regularly with weights, then you are on the right track as now your muscles will burn fat. For this reason, lifting weights is an effective way to burn calories, but strength training shouldn’t be your only workout.

If you want to burn subcutaneous fat, find a toned body, then you need cardio training too. Relying only on strength training will not help you lose fat quickly.

What To Do?

Combine cardio and strength training for maximum performance. Good cardio options include running, swimming, cycling, and the usage of cardiovascular equipment.

6. Irregular Exercise

Successful weight loss depends a lot on how consistently you stick to your diet and exercise plan. If you have followed your chosen diet for a month, worked out two or three times a week in the fitness room, but did not get the desired results, you will most likely be a little disappointed.

Therefore, at the beginning of your journey, you should set yourself up for the fact that you will have to do several months of hard work in order to achieve the desired goal.

What To Do?

Don’t stop halfway! Sufficient load, regular training up to five times a week, consistent implementation of the planned diet are the key to successful weight loss. It will help you lose weight slowly but surely. However, if you want to fasten up the weight loss process, add homemade fat loss drinks to your diet.

7. Slowdown Of Metabolism

If the body does not receive enough calories (less than its daily requirement), then it goes into economy mode. In such a state, the metabolism slows down so that fewer calories are spent. The incoming calories are spent on vital functions, and the body stores the remainder in the form of fat. As a result, by limiting the number of calories, you do not contribute to weight loss but, on the contrary, cause an increase in fat reserves.

What To Do?

There is no need to limit the calorie content of the diet drastically. If you are constantly feeling hungry, this is a signal for your body to stock up. Eat fractionally so as not to feel hunger, reduce calorie content gradually so that the body gets used to it.

Take Away

Sometimes, despite our all efforts, we do not succeed in losing weight. However, such a situation occurs when we do not follow weight loss tips properly. We have mentioned some of the major things that prevent you from losing weight earlier in this article to facilitate you in your weight loss journey.

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