What you need to do After Undergoing a Shoulder Surgery

After shoulder surgery, the patient will remain in the hospital for a few hours until the anesthetic wears off. The nurses will assess your response to the treatment and offer you the needed medications during the period. Then, the surgeon will discharge you from the hospital to continue with the recovery at home.

An open shoulder surgery takes longer to recover than minimally invasive procedures like arthroscopy. The first weeks during recovery can be painful, and you are likely to experience discomfort. Still, it takes several weeks to recover from the procedures, but it will depend on an individual’s situation. Therefore, it is vital to take the proper steps to ensure full recovery after shoulder surgery. Here is what you will need to do to recover fully and faster;

Reports any Complications

Rarely do patients experience complications from minimally invasive procedures. However, there could be chances of infections or damage to nerves. The surgeon will inform you about the items and the signs to look out for. So, it is essential to contact them whenever you are experiencing complications while recovering.

You should seek help when the wound is red, or there is a yellow discharge from it. There is a cause of concern when you start experiencing fever. Other complications include the affected side feeling tingly or numb and undergoing severe pain even though you are on medications to relive it. If you experience the signs, contact the surgeon immediately for help.

Care for the Wound

The shoulder surgeon will dress the wound from the surgical procedure. You will need to care for it by ensuring the area does not get wet and dressing as needed. The stitch removal happens at least a week after the treatment. After which, you will need to clean the area as the medical practitioner advises. Avoid the wound from contacting water by having detachable showerheads or taking less time bathing. Also, you will need to ensure the wound is dry at all times.

Find Appropriate Dressing

Clothes that loosely fit are the best option after the surgery. It would be best to wear the ones you button or zip to avoid hurting yourself as you put themoverhead. So, you should avoid moving the shoulder up when trying to put on clothes. It will prevent the chances of injuring the shoulder or making the condition worse.

The shores should be easy to put on to avoid straining the shoulder when trying to get them into your feet. For women, it is essential to find a comfortable bra that you can remove with minimal effort.

Be Aware of How you Sleep

The way you sleep can hinder the recovery process. It would be best if you lay on the opposite side to avoid hurting the affected arm. Pillows can elevate your sleeping position to make it more comfortable. Still, they can prevent you from rolling to the side while sleeping. Find the proper position to sleep, and you can switch with your partner if necessary.


It would help if you did not drive or undertake tasking home chores for about one and a half or two months. Taking the proper steps will ensure you achieve full recovery at a fast rate.

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