Sports at home: which device is right for you?

A cardio-training machine for exercising at home

The cardio machines are the ideal solution to continue or complete a sport warm when the days get shorter and the temperatures drop! They allow you to keep in shape without worrying about the night, the cold, the rain, and avoid wasting time to get to the place of the activity. Sport is at home! You can get comfortable, watch a movie, listen to music without having to be alert on the road, or even read a magazine!

The principle of cardio-training equipment is to offer endurance activity in order to burn calories, firm up muscles, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and provide a feeling of well-being. Most of these devices have a small computer which, like a sports coach, will offer you programs adapted to your age, weight, heart rate and the intensity and duration of the exercises. In addition, some also allow you to view your progress, which is always motivating!

The right questions before you buy

Don’t give in to impulse buying! Many exercise bikes and other rowers quickly ended their cellar careers because they were too bulky or too complicated. Before you buy, ask yourself the right questions. What is your level ? How much time do you want to devote to this activity per week? What is your budget ? Do you have room at home? Remember that although manufacturers compete in ingenuity to be able to fold devices to make them roomy, you will be more motivated for your rowing session if it is ready to use rather than if it is folded and stored in a cover under the bed! Also ask yourself about your goal: simply to keep fit, lose weight, complete sports trainingā€¦ Finally,

The exercise bike

The advantages: the exercise is easy and without risk of injury due to a bad position. The device is stable and therefore safe. The comfortable sitting position allows you to work for a long time and easily vary the intensity. It is an ideal device for overweight people.

Good to know

Think about the presence of programs. Take the inertia wheel into account: the heavier it is, the smoother the pedaling will be. Test the comfort of the saddle and the handlebars, these are elements not to be overlooked when you plan to spend several hours a week on the bike!

The elliptical trainer

To work: thighs, glutes, calves, biceps, triceps, chest, back. You pedal while you operate mobile bars with your arms. The movement is similar to that of cross-country skiing.

The pros : while offering the same advantages as the exercise bike, the elliptical trainer is more complete because it allows the muscles of the whole body to work. It is also heavier and therefore more stable. The joints are well preserved because the movements are fluid and without shock.

The -: the elliptical trainer may seem ideal, but beware, the particular upper and lower body movement is not suitable for everyone. Try the device before you buy it!

Good to know

As with the exercise bike, think about the programs, the flywheel and comfort!To work: all the muscles of the body. It is advisable to do 3 to 4 sessions of at least 20 minutes per week.

The advantages: the rower allows complete muscular work and is not bulky.
The -: this device is more intended for people with a good athletic level because it requires a certain technicality to adopt a good position. However, a bad posture can lead to back and knee injuries. In addition, the work is more intense and therefore difficult to hold over the length. Finally, the rower is not the most comfortable device.

To work: thighs, buttocks, calves.

The advantages: theĀ Sports at home requires a simple and natural movement. It is possible to easily modulate the intensity by adjusting the speed and the incline. The mat absorbs shocks well compared to running outdoors. This device is suitable for everyone, even people with reduced mobility, and is ideal for those wishing to lose weight, in combination with a balanced diet.

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